Grampain Continental

Aberdeenshire-based Grampian Continental has opened a new operating centre in Bedlington, Newcastle, offering easier access to  new routes in the south of England and on the Continent.

The new site, the company’s third UK base, was chosen because of its easy access to the ferry port, linking it to Holland. The firm hopes the new site will improve access into London, Manchester and the North East and it claims it is an ideal location for trunking to the south of England.

Finance director Neil Bremner said: “We have received some good feedback already on the new Bedlington premises. This allows us to concentrate on the international markets to offer easier transportation of loads for new and existing customers. We see Newcastle as a key hotspot within the UK haulage industry and have plans to further grow the office and client base in the area.”

The oil and gas transportation firm is currently running one vehicle out of the Bedlington site and hopes to add a further two or three vehicles to its operation.

The expansion, part of its five year growth plan, includes a £70,000 investment in four new staff.