The recent Transport Committee report on government motoring agencies didn't pull any punches, as we've come to expect.

In regards to Driver CPC it was damning:  “If businesses and drivers must commit time and resource to mandatory training, then that training must be worthwhile. At the moment, this is not the case.”

The committee wants to see revisions to Driver CPC at a European level. On a related note, John Lewis and Carlsberg recently outlined their Driver CPC wishlists for improvements to the regime.

However, the report made other points, such as a need to counteract copycat websites and the fact that the various agencies (DVSA, DVLA and VCA) could still make a better fist of sharing driver and vehicle data.

The select committee also makes the point that with so many changes occurring, the government really does need to spell out its long-term strategy for its motoring agencies.

The report also stated that while DVSA and DVLA do a good job dealing with individuals, they are falling short in regards to serving vehicle fleets. "The agencies need to develop a better understanding of the needs of their business users, particularly small fleet owners and operators.

"In setting out a longer-term strategy for the future of its motoring agencies, the government should consider the needs of business users as well as those of individual motorists."