The DfT has launched a website of motorway services to help ease hauliers’ journeys as they deliver vital supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The website provides a list of those services on the national road network which are still operating and open to lorry drivers during the lockdown, and the facilities on offer at each one.

Announcing the newly launched site, Transport Secretary Grant Schapps said: “Every day our hauliers deliver lifesaving medicines and keep our shelves stocked across the country during COVID-19.

“To make each journey easier, we have developed a website to help plan journey breaks - showing where drivers can access the facilities they need.

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The RHA welcomed the website launch but called for government support beyond the pandemic to ensure better facilities for hauliers across the UK.

RHA policy director Duncan Buchanan said: “This is helpful to lorry drivers who, when lockdown began, suffered from very silly decisions to shut down toilets and showers, so we welcome this.

“However we need the government to ensure going forward the provision of more and better facilities for our lorry drivers and for councils to approve planning permission for lorry parking facilities which have been rejected in the past for no other reason than nimbyism.”

The latest information on the status of all motorway service stations can be found here: