Glendale reindeer

Palletways member Glendale Transport has delivered 220lbs of reindeer moss to four hard-working reindeer at Richardson’s Garden Centre in Seaham, South Shields.

The special bushy lichen, which serves as good winter fodder for reindeer, has been transported more than 1,300 miles from Lapland in Finland.

“We were delighted when Richardson’s Garden Centre came to us with this rather unusual festive request,” said Marjorie Moore, MD of Glendale Transport.

“The reindeer are beautiful animals and a great hit locally at this time of year with children and adults alike, so they really deserve a treat.”

George Richardson of Richardson’s Garden Centre added: “The reindeer work really hard at this time of year and are in demand as they absolutely epitomise Christmas, so we wanted to reward them with some gourmet grub.

“It might seem that transporting the moss all the way from Lapland is a bit of an effort, but it’s their absolute favourite and having Glendale so local means that it’s incredibly straightforward.”

Moore joked that while Glendale might not be quite as speedy as Santa and his reindeer, “our goal is always to ensure everyone’s goods are delivered on time”.