Goods vehicle operators still do not have the information they need to prepare properly for the traffic restrictions that will apply during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the Freight Transport Association has warned.

Despite the organisers of the Games issuing what they called "detailed plans" on 24 April for traffic management around the various venues and urging businesses to plan ahead accordingly, truck operators still do not have a postcoded set of restrictions for this summer’s event, warned FTA head of policy for Scotland, Chris MacRae.

"If you’re a company delivering within Glasgow you need a list of postcodes affected so you can compare that with your customer database of postcodes, so you know who you need to go to and have a conversation with," said MacRae.

"Some of what they have put out is what we need, but we still need this postcoded set of restrictions and they haven’t got that yet. The information is not complete in the format the freight industry needs to work with - and they’ve been told this repeatedly," he added. "I’m not sure they even understand the problem, to be honest."

Although the venue information released this week specifies particular restrictions relating to parking, loading and junctions, it does not detail the times of day during which they will actually apply, added MacRae.

At the start of April the organisers published the Games Route Network.