MP Robert Halfon’s fuel price transparency bill has been killed off, having failed to make its passage through parliament in time.

Halfon’s bill, which received a successful first reading last October, called for the tax take on fuel to be printed on every forecourt receipt.

However, last week the Queen’s Speech heralded the latest session of parliament, with the government setting out its legislative programme and in doing so consigning Halfon's private bill to history.

Speaking to MT in March, the Conservative MP conceded that he didn’t expect the bill to progress much further but thought it an important tool to make sure the issue of crippling fuel prices remained at the forefront of fellow MPs’ minds in the House of Commons.

The RHA said it was disappointed at the news that staunch FairFuelUK (FFUK) supporter Robert Halfon MP’s attempt to pass a private members bill to achieve fuel tax transparency had now become just another item in the history books.

“Of course this news comes as a blow to those who are determined to see breakthrough in our battle against the iniquitous levels of fuel duty currently being paid by all users of road fuel,” said RHA chief executive Geoff Dunning.

“Despite this setback, we, together with fuel campaigners FFUK will continue to keep this issue at the forefront of the political agenda; we have no choice if we are to once again achieve and maintain a viable, efficient and profitable UK economy.

Halfon expressed his personal disappointment in January after the news that the Office of Fair Trading would not be launching an investigation into the UK fuel market, which he had pushed for.