Night time delivery

The FTA has voiced concern over London Councils’ proposals to require all HGVs of 18-plus tonnes to fit extra mirrors and sideguards to comply with the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS).

A consultation has been launched today (20 Jan) asking for views on whether additional safety equipment should become mandatory on all HGVs making deliveries to 33 boroughs under the LLCS, which restricts night-time and weekend operations in the capital without a permit. There are currently 56,000 permit holders.

London Councils said that extending the scheme’s remit to cover safety, rather than simply noise pollution, would be a positive step towards reducing the number of cycling fatalities in the capital.

However, Christopher Snelling, head of urban logistics and regional policy, warns of the dangers of new regulation creeping into the industry and of confusion that may arise from multiple bodies dealing with the same issue.

“The FTA is concerned on the grounds of regulatory creep: an out-of-date scheme designed to deal with noise is now being turned to safety measures. Transport for London and the Department for Transport are already looking to regulate on this issue.  Multiple bodies dealing with the same issue is not the best way for Government to regulate us.”

He also added that London Councils had missed an opportunity to reform the outdated LLCS, which he said would be far more beneficial to cyclists’ safety.

“The best thing London Councils could do for cycling safety is to reform the Control Scheme's night-time restrictions so that quieter HGVs can more effectively make deliveries at night. This would allow as many lorries as possible to operate outside the peak hours when most cyclists are on the roads.”

More details on the proposed safety equipment and how to take part in the consultation, which will close on 28 Februray, can be found at