Theo dePencier, FTA

The FTA has seen its level of membership rise to the highest level since 2008, although financially it had a broadly flat year in 2012.

Turnover at the association dipped slightly to £23.47m, from £23.65m in 2011.

However its pre-tax surplus rose slightly from £1.1m to £1.2m. Income from member fees rose slightly in the year ending 31 December 2012, from £3.78m to £3.84m.

Chief executive Theo de Pencier said the year was “good in part” and that the overall association membership number increased by 2% (272) to 14,105 at the end of the year.

“This, in part, reflected the investment in developing new offerings such as Van Excellence and PCN management, alongside our core membership offering,” he said.

De Pencier added that the flat financial performance reflected “the economic reality of the country as a whole”.

Last month its was revealed that Yusen Logistics UK MD Ian Veitch had taken over the presidency of the FTA.