Bradshaw Electric Vehicles is set to exhibit its range of Goupil utility vehicles at next week's Freight in the City Expo in London.

The show, which will take place at Alexandra Palace on 28 September, offers visitors the opportunity to explore first-hand the latest fully-electric vehicles available aimed at urban operations.

Visitors will be able to see how Bradshaw’s extensive range of Goupil vehicles enable businesses to make last-mile distribution and overall operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

All vehicles within Bradshaw’s Goupil range are equipped with lead-acid or lithium batteries and each is tailored directly to the customer’s requirements.

On display will be Bradshaw’s G2, G4 and G6 Goupil vehicles. All vehicles are fully electric and produce zero tailpipe emissions, which the company said makes them a sustainable, environmental and cost-effective solution to local authorities, industrial sites, resorts and last mile delivery companies.

As an all-electric compact road utility vehicle, the G2 range offers an ideal solution for customers who have multiple sites which are connected by public highways. Available with pick-up, cage and van bodies, the G2 has been expertly designed to transport payloads of up to 600kg, whilst retaining a small and compact size for convenience of use.

With an operational range of between 27 to 62 miles, the G2 is ideal for constant stop-start on-off operations.

The G4 road vehicles include pick-ups, vans and waste collectors, all designed to transport people and equipment for a variety of different applications.

With an operational range of 68 miles and maximum speed of 31mph, the G4 range is equipped with an array of body types and features a safe and secure cabin and both left- and right-hand drive options.

With 11 different variations to choose from, the G4’s greater payload offers an ideal electric vehicle for many stop-start and last mile applications and is ideally suited to low-emission zones, whilst still delivering optimal performance and low vehicle operating costs.

Also to be unveiled at Freight in the City will be the largest model in the Goupil range, the G6 – which offers a generous payload of up to 1,050kg for the pickup as well as a 9m3 cage body.

The fully electric G6 is equipped with a 28.8k lithium battery in order to provide an optimal operational range of 93 miles.

The G6-08 model is ideally suited for park gardens, facility management, campuses, local authorities and sites where operations may benefit from having a secure toolbox attached.

Ramsy Labassi, marketing manager at Bradshaw, said: “We are excited to once again have the opportunity of showcasing our products at Freight in the City 2021 where we will be proudly exhibiting our extensive Goupil range where attendees will be able to see first-hand our G2, G4 and G6 vehicles.

“With many organisations, businesses and local authorities placing more emphasis on environmental sustainability, the Goupil electric vehicles provide customers with the prospect of not only vastly improving their environmental footprint, but in turn enhancing operational performance and lowering their vehicle operating costs as well."