Time-sensitive logistics services provider Freight First has predicted it will triple its turnover to between £10m and £12m in the next four years.

The Runcorn-based firm, which carries out general haulage and ADR work in addition to time-sensitive contracts for customers like shop-outfitters and catering equipment suppliers, has just increased the number of vehicles it runs from 19 to 25 on a newly expanded O-licence for 30 trucks.

Director Simon Meredith (pictured) told Motortransport.co.uk the new vehicles were already all busy. “We’re turning work down,” he said.

Growth is coming both from existing and new clients, said Meredith, with the firm’s sales and marketing team bringing in an average of 10 new customers a month.

Over the summer, the firm has been particularly active in events logistics, with deliveries to the Glastonbury festival and London Marathon, and it has also just put its first truck-mounted forklift into operation, he said. “I can see us having two or three of those within the next six months,” predicted Meredith.

The firm’s plans to raise turnover from its current level of £3.5m will not dramatically alter the relative size of its various divisions, though income from its truck operations is expected to slide slightly from 70% to perhaps 60%-70% of turnover by 2018. The firm’s freight forwarding division is expected to grow from its current 20% of turnover to nearer a third, Meredith said, with the warehousing division contributing the rest.

The firm's current turnover is up from £2.5m in the year to April 2013 and delivers on predictions Meredith made earlier this year.