Operators looking to refresh their fleet to Euro-6 are being sought by an independent commercial vehicle specialist to trial a new approach to procuring trucks.

Chris Ness, formerly head of specialist fleets at Ryder, believes that by navigating through the myriad of different truck deals available direct from the manufacturers; analysing the many vehicle maintenance service offers; and assessing the asset finance specialists, an operator can find the right transport solution for their business, at the lowest cost.

“There’s no comparison site for purchasing a truck or trailer because there are so many different buying arrangements across the industry. But with my 12 years experience in the commercial vehicle sector I want to work with operators to help them benchmark all the different options and ultimately save them money,” Ness told Motortransport.co.uk.

“The buying arrangement that an operator has may appear to be the most competitive and the one they’re happy with, but without considering all the other options, they may not be taking advantage of additional available cost savings,” he added.

Any operator wishing to find out more or to trial Ness’s benchmarking procurement method should email him direct chris.ness@ccnsolutions.co.uk