Fortec truck at Magna Park

Fortec truck at Magna Park

The Fortec Pallet Distribution Network has made two key appointments as it looks to enhance its corporate business and image.

Marcus Fischer, previously financial director at the network, has become commercial director to focus on driving forward Fortec’s corporate division this year.

Fischer described the development of the division, which targets blue chip clients that network members don’t typically have the resources to secure as customers, as a project “three years in the making”.

He has more than 10 years’ experience with the pallet network and will remain responsible for finance matters at board level.

Fortec does not run its own vehicles in support of the corporate sales function, which was formally launched last year. Instead, all work is offered to members first and only sub-contracted if they can’t handle the additional volume.

MD Neil Hodgson told MT Fortec remains committed to the success of its members rather than creating an additional revenue stream for the hub.

“Our goal is always to support our members and to explore strategies to achieve growth for them,” said Fischer, who added that partnerships, direct hub accounts and even joint ventures would be considered as part of this gambit.

Sophie Parker has been appointed brand manager at the network to support Fischer in achieving his goals. She will be responsible for the management and development of the Fortec brand, including marketing, media relations and communication. Parker was internal communications advisor for Cemex UK.

Hodgson said: “Sophie joins us at the dawn of the next exciting phase of the Fortec journey as we seek to build on the company’s solid foundations and take its corporate development to the next level.”