Fors has signed up Licence Bureau, the driver licence checking service, to provide operators with a system to ensure drivers have the correct licences and qualifications.  

Fors said Licence Bureau will become its first “affinity partner”. It hopes to recruit more firms that can provide member-only services.

Members will be offered a discount on the licence checking service, which will help them meet Fors’ D1 requirement to ensure all drivers’ licences and qualifications are checked using a system that accesses the DVLA database.

The system bypasses the need for drivers to provide a licence check code, provided by the DVLA, because each check is done automatically, saving time and effort.

Fors business services manager Paul Wilkes said: “Regular, appropriate and risk-based licence checking is an important part of the Fors standard and we are delighted to be launching this opportunity.”

Fors recently confirmed its 200th gold member - the top tier of the scheme - with safety equipment manufacturer Garic marking the milestone.