The TRL Freight Symposium will be held at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London on 28 November at 1pm.

With the UK's road transport industry facing increasing difficulties to balance unsustainable consumer trends, against requirements to reduce congestion and emissions, there is a clear opportunity for technological, operational and environmental innovations to address the challenges.

TRL's symposium will debate the issues and explore how future freight concepts can become a reality. Guest speakers at the event include:

  • Matthew Edwards, DfT - will give an overview of the government’s freight strategy and research programmes.
  • Professor Samir Dani, Huddersfield Business School - a summary of research around supply chain concepts and the likely impact on the future of freight.
  • Professor Tom Cherret, University of Southampton - explores future freight concepts including freight traffic control, new supply chain ideas and innovative forms of freight transportation.
  • Gavin Bailey, TRL - presenting an overview of real on-road trials including AV freight, platooning, urban delivery, hyperloop for freight and aerial drones.
  • Nick Gazzard, representing CILT - an overview of the freight industry, based on the UK Freight Planning to 2035 report.

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