A new feature designed to help stop commercial vehicle drivers being involved in bridge strikes.
has been added to FleetCheck’s Vehicle Inspection App.

The feature tells drivers they are currently using a high vehicle whenever they carry out a scheduled vehicle inspection, providing a regular reminder.

Peter Golding, managing director at the fleet software specialist, said: “Bridge strikes are not that common but are hugely expensive and disruptive when they do happen, so avoiding them is always a priority for fleets.

“Historically, they have been seen as a problem for HGVs but, as recent reporting from Logistics UK has pointed out, they also affect high roof vans.

“Providing a simple reminder within the app both keeps the whole issue of bridge strikes front-of-mind for the driver and tells those who regularly swap from vehicle to vehicle the height of the HGV or van they are currently driving.”

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FleetCheck’s Vehicle Inspection App was introduced in April 2017 and helps drivers and fleet managers schedule, carry out, confirm, follow-up and audit numerous legally required inspections from daily walkarounds to weekly or monthly checks.

Ongoing upgrades have seen a range of advanced features added over time, including support for languages commonly used among UK fleet drivers; a fit-to-drive declaration; an improved trailer inspection routine; an option for employees to view documentation and policies; and enhanced damage, defect and collision reporting.

Golding added: “There has been a general increase in awareness of the importance of this kind of digital safety check product in the market among commercial vehicle fleets, displacing previous paper-based systems, and we have been well-placed to take advantage of the trend.”