Nick Caesari -Fleet Source

Fleet Source has reduced the cost of Earned Recognition (ER) audits to help operators achieve the DVSA accreditation.

The company is offering the audits from £495 + VAT.

Nick Caesari (pictured), Fleet Source chief executive, said ER “demonstrates that you are an exemplary fleet operator, less likely to have your vehicles stopped for roadside inspections and Earned Recognition is fast becoming a key factor in bidding for contracts.

“But for many operators, the price of the audit itself has been extremely expensive, with many approved audit suppliers charging in excess of £1,000 per audit and some larger operators being quoted as much as £5,000 to have their audits conducted.”

Caesari said Fleet Source believed the cost of the audits had been a limiting factor in the growth of the ER scheme and packaging it into an all-inclusive price will encourage operators, particularly SMEs, to adopt it: “We’re committed to doing everything we can to support fleet operators through the current crisis and beyond,” he added.