FedEx Priority Alert

FedEx Express is now offering customers sending parcels to and from the UK access to its Priority Alert service.

Priority Alert and Priority Alert Plus were launched in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) yesterday [10 October].

The service identifies time-critical, valuable and temperature-sensitive parcels by the use of bright pink tape to ensure they are delivered quickly.

Both priority services allow customers to monitor and track their parcel.

“Our customers expect agility, speed and reliability for their global supply chain solutions. That’s why we introduced FedEx Priority Alert services which offers our customers end-to-end visibility with 24/7 monitoring, priority boarding and recovery measures for their critical shipments,” said Carlo Novi, MD of sales and healthcare solutions at FedEx Express EMEA.

Fed-Ex believes the new services will appeal to customers in the financial, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing and healthcare industries.