How can I apply for a free copy?

Apply on line on or email

When will I receive my first issue?

If you qualify for a free issue you should allow 3 weeks on a weekly magazine (next issue on a monthly) before you start to receive the magazine. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse an application for free copies and occasionally due to the high demand for the magazine has to introduce a waiting list.

My copies have stopped coming

  • Have you completed the last re-verification card that we sent to you?
  • Have you moved and not advised us?

If the answer is yes to either of the above please complete a re-verification online on and select renew an existing subscription.

I have changed my company/home address

To change the delivery address of your magazine, please go online to and select change address for a free subscription. Your eight digit reference number appears on the wrapper of your latest issue. You need to notify us of your change of address two to three weeks in advance to ensure continuity of supply.

You have sent me a letter to advise that I do not qualify for a copy of the magazine and I wish to query the decision

Please phone 08450 778844 and one of our Customer Service Advisors will be able to advise you if you have completed your application incorrectly (e.g. omitted to answer a mandatory question) or confirm that you do not qualify for the magazine at the present time. Please note that, due to audit rules, the Publishers will not allow us to divulge the exact reason for the decision.

I am receiving unsolicited phone calls/emails/post

Please email