FairFuelUK (FFUK) has backed Robert Halfon MP’s efforts to introduce legislation to provide a breakdown of the amount of tax paid on fuel receipts.

Halfon, founder of the campaign, will make his case for this transparency in the Houses of Commons on 16 October, under the ten-minute rule motion.

FFUK supported Halfon’s recent appearance in the house, when he called on the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to investigate the UK oil sector.

Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK, said: “Letting us all see how much of our money goes to the government every time we buy a litre of fuel is fair tax transparency.

“I want a mandatory breakdown of the price of fuel clearly displayed on every fuel receipt in the UK. We have a right to know how much the Treasury takes in tax.”

In an unrelated move in August, the Taxpayers Alliance and Petrol Retailers’ Association teamed up to install point of sale material at forecourts highlighting the percentage of tax paid on every purchase.

The OFT is currently carrying out an information gathering exercise on the UK oil market.