Rob Jones, Europa Finance Director

Europa Worldwide Group has moved Rob Jones (pictured) to the role of finance director.

Jones takes on the position after spending the previous five months as Europa’s non-executive director with a brief to provide guidance on the company’s strategy.

Previous to that Jones worked closely with MD Andrew Baxter when he first acquired the business and is also one of the founders of security solutions firm VSG which grew into the fourth largest security company in the UK, with 6,500 employees.

In his new position, Jones will focus on strengthening the current finance team, whilst playing an integral role in reviewing finances across all Europa.

Andrew Baxter, MD at Europa Worldwide Group, said: “Rob knows the business, from our challenges to our solutions and strategies, which he has helped to create over the past year.

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“Previously his role was to focus on maximising opportunities flowing from Brexit and how we navigate through the changes, alongside reviewing the company’s strategy in the context of Covid-19 and how we need to adapt.

“I feel confident we have now resolved these short-term complexities and can focus on the future, which is why I have chosen to position Rob as our finance director – he has the skills, knowledge and passion required.”

Jones added: “I’m delighted to become finance director. Having been involved in the early days it was a privilege to start working within the business again last year and see how successful it has become and how much it has grown.

“The company has performed extremely well throughout the recent challenges faced and I’m confident my skills will be key in offering financial management, support and advice as we continue to recover not just as a business but as an economy.”