ELB Partners has taken delivery of two Volvo FL 18-tonners, featuring Lawrence David XL-rated curtain-sided bodies and the firm’s highest ever specification of vulnerable road user safety kit.

The silver Fors member will put the vehicles into use on its Pallet-Track work in London.

Fitted with Brigade equipment, they go one better than before with a fifth camera on the driver’s side covering the blind spot. When left turn is activated the driver is shown a split view of the blind spot and the nearside view of his vehicle on an in-cab monitor.

As well as side-scan and audible left turn, the truck cabs feature a transparent panel located just behind the driver’s shoulder to improve visibility further. The panels cost approximately £350 each, and ELB Partners MD Peter Eason said each Volvo features approximately £4,500 worth of additional safety equipment.

“The issue of cycle safety remains a hot potato but we are confident we are doing our bit, and I will continue to do so” he said.

Supplied by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre London, the vehicles are the first of 10 that will be delivered with the same specification running until September next year.

Eason added that Fleet CCTV & Security, which he set up in 2012 after struggling to find an effective installation company, was in demand with new vans and engineers were being taken on to keep pace.