Eddie Stobart is to expand its fleet of dual-fuel Volvo trucks, after successfully bidding for a chunk of the government's Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Scheme funding.

Stobart has been testing five dual-fuel  FMs, which have been running on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), in association with partner BOC Group. It will benefit from the expansion of the scheme alongside a field of other operators and suppliers.

The additional funding will allow the logistics firm to put at least another 15 LNG Volvo FMs on the road, as well as paying for BOC to install an LNG refuelling station at one of Stobart’s regional DCs.

Once installed the LNG refuelling station will be accessible to other operators running with the fuel type.

Kate Willard, Stobart Group corporate affairs director, says: “The grant support, matched by our own investment, will be invaluable to helping drive forward our commitment to sustainable distribution, against a back drop of rising fuel prices.

“The dual-fuel technology will help deliver cost control and reduced emissions for the group and our customers.”

Within the test Volvos, LNG replaces up to 90% of the diesel fuel used to drive each engine. The standard truck engines are mated with a specialist dual-fuel management system, which means that in the event that all of the LNG is consumed, the units automatically switch to full diesel mode.