The current limited drivers’ hours relaxation has been extended until 31 May “in response to unprecedented pressures on local and national supply chains".

The Department for Transport (DfT) announced last month that the blanket relaxation of the regulations would last until 21 April, but it has now extended this for another six weeks.

In a statement, the DfT said: “A specific review of the continuation of the relaxations past 21 April has been conducted and, on the basis of the current evidence, a decision has been made to continue with the relaxations, (apart from the relaxation on break requirements) until 23:59 on Sunday 31 May 2020.

“The department will keep these temporary arrangements under review and the relaxation may be amended or brought to an end earlier if circumstances change.”

The DfT added: “The department wishes to make clear that driver safety must not be compromised. Drivers should not be expected to drive whilst tired - employers remain responsible for the health and safety of their employees and other road users.”