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A truck driver with Aberdeenshire-based Dyce Carriers was targeted by fuel thieves who used crowbars to attack the truck and threaten the driver as he slept.

The incident took place in Doncaster at the beginning of November 2022, when the driver was weekended after running out of driving hours.

In a statement on social media, the company said: “One of our drivers was accosted by two men wielding crowbars. The men were attempting to siphon fuel from the diesel tank whilst the driver slept.

"The driver acted quickly to get away and contacted the police, the men made threats against him and attempted to block him in.

“The driver stood his ground and with his quick action, the police managed to seize the thief’s car. Unfortunately, the truck was struck with the crowbar several times and sustained significant damage.”

Although shaken, thankfully the driver and had the presence of mind to box in the vehicle they were using, which meant the thieves had to escape on foot.

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Jason Moir, managing director of the haulier, said this is the third time this year one of his employees have been attacked by thugs when parked up but the level of violence towards the vehicle was unusual.

"These guys were hardcore,” he said, and praised the bravery of the driver but added that it was a stark reminder of the dangers truck drivers face.

He added that the company has a SNAP account but that it isn’t always possible for a driver to get to a suitable site.

The lack of suitable and secure parking and welfare for drivers remains an issue, and it follows the recent news that Lockerbie Lorry Park is the latest truckstop to close.