DX Group has purchased 44 acres of land in the West Midlands as part of plans for a £35m new hub.

DX estimates the facility will be ready in two to three years, when it will replace its current site at Willenhall, about three and a half miles down the road from the proposed site.

The new hub, said DX, will secure current employment as well as expanding current capacity, enhance customer service and increase the company’s efficiency.

In February, Motortransport.co.uk reported that DX had seen a slip in profit in the first half of the financial year after it made a series of cuts to contracts it had inherited from its acquisition of Nightfreight in 2012.

Chief executive Petar Cvetkovic said: “Our goal for the year is further steady and controlled progress with our major initiatives as we work towards the creation of our 'OneDX' proposition."