DSV Road has signed up to the Green Freight Europe initiative, as part of its commitment to minimising its environmental impact.

Green Freight Europe is voluntary programme promoting cooperation between transport companies and their customers.

The initiative is focused on building and maintaining a platform to collect, compute and report CO² emissions from road transport. It includes companies like IKEA, DOW, Schneider Electric and Akzo Nobel in membership, as well as a number of transport suppliers.

René Falch Olesen, chief executive officer at DSV Road, said: "The transport sector has an impact on the global environment so it is our responsibility to lessen that impact whenever we can.

But it is also good business since almost all our CO² emissions are directly related to fuel consumption. If we can save fuel it will help both the environment and our bottom line so it is a central aspect of how we do business."

At the start of August DSV revealed it had won a contract with Chinese energy firm GoodWe Solar Inverter.