The DSA is to work with the industry to develop a revised process for approving Driver CPC training courses.The move was agreed at a meeting last week between the DSA, trade associations and training providers, which was arranged after the FTA raised concerns about changes to the process being proposed by course approval body JAUPT.

Last month, JAUPT wrote to training providers stating that copies of all presentations and documents used to deliver Driver CPC courses would, with immediate effect, need to be sent to it at the course approval stage.

The FTA said the unilateral move would increase hauliers’ costs but fail to improve training standards.

The DSA has agreed to scrap the proposals and work with the industry to develop a new application process that can be used from April. This will include revised forms, templates and guidance that make it easier for applicants to provide appropriate information to allow JAUPT to better assess the suitability of a course.

Until the revised process is finalised, JAUPT will use the existing system, which requires just a list of resources to be sent for course approval.

A DSA spokeswoman said: “As part of our commitment to improving the standards of training, DSA will be working with industry stakeholders to strengthen the course approvals process, without placing undue burden on training providers.”

James Firth, head of road freight and enforcement policy at the FTA, said: “The DSA has confirmed that it is not necessary for every course application to be accompanied by copies of presentations and resources at the approval stage.”