With today being Driver CPC deadline day [10 September], The Hub's sister title Commercial Motor has revealed the revenue that the training has so far generated for DVSA, a not inconsiderable £40m.

Within the Freedom of Information request data that story is based on are some equally interesting nuggets. For example, since 2008/09 when Driver CPC started (initially for the PCV licence holders), revenues for both training centre and course approvals have actually climbed.

So, while the expectation might have been a glut of training providers setting up in the middle of the now completed six-year span (if we include PCV licence holders who reached their deadline last year in the period), the reality appears that right up until the last full year 2013/14, which ended in March, an ever greater amount of training providers were setting up.

While training centre approval revenue was £168,000 in 2008/09 it climbed to reach £343,500 in 2011/12, before dipping slightly but ending on a high of £520,500 in 2013/14, leaving the total, to date, at £2.3m in revenue.

Revenue from training course approvals follows much the same trend, starting at £176,812 in 2008/09 and then climbing steadily to £880,017 in 2011/12 and going on to arrive at £1.2m in 2013/14 and £4.5m, to date, in total.