DPD is urging retailers to talk to their delivery companies about the potential disruption threatened by the Olympics later this month.

The parcels giant is concerned that many retailers are still underestimating the extent of the upheaval the Games could create during peak times.

Dwain McDonald, DPD chief executive, says: "We are estimating the maximum period for potential disruption to deliveries to certain postcodes to be up to 50 days between mid July and mid September.

"Sites like Westfield shopping centre are now ‘locked down’ and the organisers are starting to change road layouts to prepare the Olympic Route Network (ORN) which will have a significant impact in the coming weeks.”

He adds that those companies with head offices in London are more realistic about the impact of the Games, with awareness of the disruption much lower outside of the capital.

"With three million additional journeys anticipated on peak days and the ORN affecting 109 miles of road, the impact during peak times will be very severe," McDonald warns.

DPD has been simulating a revised route network and delivery schedules in recent weeks and says it is confident of the plans it has drawn up. However, one of the major challenges is likely to be getting the goods from companies at the end of the day and into the main London parcel hubs early enough for processing for next-day deliveries.

McDonald says: "There is huge potential for delays and inconvenience for customers so it is important that online retailers communicate clearly with customers about arrangements during the Olympic period.”

For a copy of DPD's Olympic Matrix or the company's Olympic Bulletin, visit www.dpd.co.uk

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