B2C parcel giant DPD says it is enhancing its green credentials by providing carbon neutral shipping from its five major European markets at no extra cost to the customer.

The initiative, badged Total Zero, will see the company build on measures to reduce its carbon footprint as well as buy carbon credits to offset remaining CO2 from its 2.5m daily parcel movements. From July, business and consumer shipments to all destinations around the world from France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemborg will be carbon neutral, says DPD.

The company has cut its emissions by 14% in the previous three years thanks to a number of internal initiatives - known as insetting - such as the introduction of eco-driver training, double deck trailers and increasing first-time delivery success rates.

Up to half a million tonnes of carbon emissions each year will be offset at an annual cost of around €5m (£4.1m) to parent company GeoPost. Credits will be purchased from French offset partner CDC Climat, with the proceeds used to fund projects in Europe and the developing world that tackle global warming.