DP World is introducing a range of technology products aimed at simplifying and solving some of the post-Brexit import and export challenges.

The border requirements introduced in January 2021 led to confusion on what documentation was required for each journey and how to generate it, which resulted in incorrect paperwork being presented at port check-ins and longer waiting times.

With the next set of border requirements, for cargo movements from Europe to the UK, expected to cause more disruption when they are introduced in January 2022, and tighter enforcement expected at EU ports, organisations across the supply chain fear further disruption with detrimental impacts on costs, profit margins and journey times.

In response, DP World is launching BEEMS Border Management Products, a set of online Cloud-based products aimed at helping all areas of the supply chain to get to take control of their border requirements, quickly and cost effectively.

They were created by CNS (Community Network Services), a UK government approved business within the DP World Group.

Available on DP World’s technology solution platform, CARGOES Community, the tools will enable users to manage the processes more efficiently, while also providing the reassurance of full compliance with the regulations. Their use is also expected to help reduce check-in times and traffic at ports, as drivers will be better equipped with the digital paperwork they require, with less potential for language barrier issues.

BEEMS Border Management Products is comprised of four separate products that can be used individually or together and are being phased in and enhanced over 2021 and 2022. Once the full suite of fully enhanced products has been brought to market, they will offer a complete automated one-stop-shop for post-Brexit border management compliance.

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The four products are: -

l BEEMS Pre-lodgement - offers a direct connection to the relevant government’s customs systems, enabling users to submit and verify movement records. It is currently available for any designated GB pre-lodgement route supporting GVMS, will be available on the Irish Sea in the near future and allow customers to receive updates from the French ‘Enveloppe Logistique’.

l Safety and Security Declarations - an easy-to-use platform for creating and submitting these mandatory declarations for the GB and France. The same functionality will be available for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland at a later date. (Without a complete Safety and Security Declaration goods could be blocked at the border and hefty fines may be issued.)

l Customs Declarations- an HMRC compliant software platform designed to support both UK customs systems for processing declarations, CHIEF and CDS. The first release of the product has been launched focusing on the core functionality to enable customers to submit import and export declarations, with more enhancements being phased in during the first half of 2022.

l Travel Wallet - a digital platform that guides users through which documents to submit - based on the exact route and cargo – and then generates a barcode to help drivers with a smooth and fast check-in at ports. This neutral product will be offered to customers by any ferry operators who choose to partner with DP World CARGOES Community on it. P&O Ferries, which is also part of the DP World Group, is expected to launch the Travel Wallet in the coming weeks.

Mahmood Al Bastaki, chief operating officer, CARGOES Community, DP World said: “It is a very challenging time for our sector at the moment for many reasons. The added complexity, time and cost of post-Brexit importing and exporting in and out of the UK is just one of those reasons, but these new requirements are here to stay, therefore it’s important to adopt technology led processes that can become BAU as simply and cost-effectively as possible.

“We believe our products will help users across the supply chain to do that, providing them with efficient and easy-to-use online tools that will allow them to meet with the necessary requirements, without it costing them significant amounts of time or money.

“All of our technology products and solutions are designed for the ports and logistics sector as that is the only market we operate in. We have a long and proud history of providing solutions to industry issues in the UK and in recent years these products have been enhanced by the global expertise and resource offered through DP World, which is committed to deploying industry-leading technology to create the smartest, most efficient and innovative trade solutions.”