Olympic Stadium CGI

Operators should not underestimate the effect the Paralympics will have on deliveries over the next 10 days.

James Hookham, MD of policy and communications at the Freight Transport Association, says: "We are treating the Paralympics as seriously as the Olympics and will be providing our members with the same level of support."

Despite running for a shorter period than the Olympics and using fewer venues, the Paralympics are expected to draw in a record number of visitors.

Hugh Basham, transport strategy and policy director at DHL, says: "I think there will actually be more traffic around than during the Olympics, and with more people attending the Paralympics than originally anticipated, volumes could also go up," says

"The message we’ve put out to all our transport managers and planners is ‘don’t take your eye off the ball, keep the good practice going and be aware that schools will be back and there could be more volume and more congestion than expected," he adds.

The core Paralympic Route Network totals 36 miles and will be operational until midnight on the 10 September. Restrictions around each of the venues will also apply.

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Parcel carrier CitySprint recently revealed that its delivery volume dipped during the Olympics, an experience shared by many operators.