Operators could be in breach of their fleet insurance policies if their drivers’ medicals were conducted by Doctors on Wheels, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has warned.

The association is advising affected operators to contact their insurers to check whether their fleet insurance is valid.

The warning follows DVLA’s announcement that it would no longer accept D4 medical reports completed by Doctors on Wheels received after 20 June 2019.

The ban is the result of a joint investigation into the company by DVLA and Swansea Trading Standards, which saw three of the firm’s offices in Leicester, Swindon and Huddersfield raided by police last month.

The investigation was triggered by claims that D4 medicals were not being completed correctly, with the suggestion unhealthy HGV drivers may have been passed as fit to drive.

Doctors on Wheels operates a mobile service across the country providing D4 medicals for HGV drivers, which are undertaken in the back of vans.

A D4 is required for category C licence holders and comprises a medical and sight assessment.

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A spokesman for the ABI told motortransport.co.uk that operators should check with their insurers to clarify the status of any driver whose most recent D4 medical was with Doctors on Wheels, irrespective of whether it was before or after 20 June.

“Employers with HGV fleet insurance policies should speak to their insurer if they have any drivers whose latest medicals were carried out by this company.

"They need to clarify the position of drivers who submitted medicals from this company both before and after the date given by the DVLA."

He added: “It may be that the insurer will require the drivers to submit to another medical because it is a legal requirement that drivers are fit to drive. If a driver’s medical is not compliant then the employer may be in breach of the terms of the insurance which would make them potentially liable in the case of a claim.”

RHA head of licensing and infrastructure policy Tom Cotton called on the DVLA to give more guidance to operators and drivers.

“This matter has been brought to the attention of DVLA and it is has a responsibility as the licensing authority to now be providing robust advice and guidance for drivers and operators.”

Asked what DVLA is advising a spokeswoman said: “The D4 medical report is a snapshot of a driver’s fitness to drive at point in time - the responsibility is always on the driver to notify the DVLA if they have a medical condition that could affect their driving.”

According to a statement on the company’s website, Doctors on Wheels has suspended its services “until further notice” as a consequence of the investigation.

It adds that this has “prompted an internal review of our operation”.

Doctors on Wheels has said it will refund any bookings as well as the cost of any medicals rejected by DVLA.