Since June 2019, it has been mandatory for all new vehicles to be fitted with the latest smart tachographs. The smart tacho is designed to be more secure, provide an interface to satellite navigation systems, as well as an intelligent transport system (ITS) interface. It also includes a facility to communicate tachograph data to enforcement officials at the roadside when the vehicle is moving.

Clearly, smart tachographs offer opportunities to make better operational use of the data among some operators about the impact of this technology.

Our study goes on to look at the growth of telematics and how operators are increasingly using the information provided to improve the efficiency of their fleets.

Research was conducted in conjunction with Aquarius IT, Descartes Systems Group, Stoneridge and TruTac.

This report examines the different approaches to tachographs and telematics adopted by commercial vehicle operators, focusing on the data they collect, analyse and how they make use of it.

We hope you find this study useful in giving an insight into how these systems are currently perceived and used in the transport industry as well as providing some pointers to the future.