DHL Lidl 2

DHL Supply Chain is to put 14.6m longer semi-trailers into service on 50 Lidl delivery routes across the UK.

The shorter of the two variants available as part of the DfT’s 10-year longer semi-trailer trial will be part of DHL’s operation that sees it deliver to 90 Lidl stores, making a total of 19,500 trips a year.

Bernie Breslin, vice-president of food retail at DHL, said: “I’m confident that introducing longer semi trailers will transform Lidl’s transport operations while significantly contributing to their environmental targets.”

DHL has predicted that using the variant will reduce distance travelled by 16,000kms a year and CO2 emissions by 14.5 tonnes.

Lidl UK senior transport consultant Michael Bell said: “We’re delighted that the introduction of the longer semi trailer pilot to our operations is projected to not only deliver significant operational efficiencies but will support us in meeting our environmental objectives.”