DHL hybrid

DHL Express is to increase its prices to UK clients by an average of 4.9% next year as it looks to offset rising costs.

The company said that the rate rise – which will hit customers throughout the world was due to external costs that are out of its direct control and cannot be compensated through productivity improvements or economies of scale.

DHL cites research by AT Kearney from November 2011 which states that volumes for the European courier, express, and parcel market have increased consistently in recent years, while revenue per shipment has not yet returned to 2008 levels.

“We are introducing our rate adjustment for 2013 with a clear focus on maintaining our value proposition,” said Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express.

“Our annual price increase is an important factor in maintaining the significant investments we make in our global network, which offers world class delivery performance for the benefit of our customers.”

The rate increase will take place from next year where contracts allow.