A successful trial of a TRU running on solar and battery power means the future is bright for DFDS, after it integrated Sunswap’s zero emission refrigeration unit into its fleet.

On one of DFDS’s longest routes, Sunswap said the TRU provided 22 hours of frozen cooling time on a single charge over two days.

The pioneering reefer maker said the successful partnership demonstrated that an environmentally friendly and operationally capable alternative to diesel was possible.

It added that depending on conditions, the solar panels could typically provide 65%-100% of the charge needed to operate the refrigeration unit.

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During the deployment the average time to fully charge the TRU was 80 minutes.

It was also established that the 10-year use of a Sunswap TRU would equate to a 25%-35% average cost of ownership saving.

Matt O’Dell, DFDS UK MD of cold chain, said: “We’re very excited about the potential of Sunswap who offer the only purpose built fully electric transport refrigerated unit on the market.

“We are thrilled with the results of the trial and excited to integrate Sunswap zero-emission TRUs into our fleet, which should enter our service within the next year. This is a significant step in building our capability to achieve climate neutrality.”