The Hub woke up today to find transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin plastered across the newspapers - Telegraph, Daily Mail and countless regionals - suggesting it best to get a move on and do your Christmas shopping early, due to the fact that there’s no HGV drivers to actually deliver it this year.

A result of sorts, for the industry, one supposes.

More importantly let’s hope that he’s had a word with his colleague George Osborne - this week seen out and about doing PR for the government's road policy, or "Travelling on A303 to Wincanton logistics depot near Yeovil & hearing about firm's experiences with delays on A303" in his own, tweeted, words - and the RHA's push to get a training fund established to get new drivers into the industry is given the green-light in next month’s Autumn Statement.

Irrespective – and sister publication CM has unearthed further data suggesting the previously reported lack of HGV licence test availability is just one of many hurdles to overcome in regards attracting new blood into the sector – this could be a disappointing Christmas for many, although one that deliveries much needed action on skills for the road transport industry.