The RHA has urged the government to make a decision on the Lower Thames Crossing after it was delayed due to the general election.

The business group said the £9bn plan for a 14-mile road connecting Kent and Essex, 2.6 miles of which would be underground, would unlock significant economic benefits.

Last month, the transport secretary issued a statement delaying a decision on the crossing from 20 June until 4 October.

Mark Harper said the deadline extension was necessary, “to allow appropriate time for any new secretary of state to consider the applications.

“The department will however endeavour to issue decisions ahead of the deadlines above wherever possible,” he added.

The proposed development for the new road crossing would connect to the existing road network from the A2/M2 to the M25 with two tunnels, one southbound and one northbound, running beneath the river Thames.

Richard Smith, RHA MD, said the new crossing would improve journey reliability times for HGVs across the country.



“We represent over 8,500 member companies operating HGVs, LGVs and coaches - constituting over half of the UK’s heavy commercial fleet,” Smith said.

“To keep the economy moving and competitive, our members and the industry needs infrastructure which is fit for purpose.

“We need a strong nationwide network of roads which are safe and reliable with capacity to accommodate future growth in demand.”