Daf Trucks will be displaying two construction-sector trucks at a Clocs progress event next week to demonstrate its commitment to safer, urban operation.

First will be a Cemex-liveried CF 8x4 tipper with its N3 ‘haulage’ chassis featuring front suspension and axles that lower the cab and the driver’s eye line by 150mm compared with an equivalent construction CF.

It is fitted with a ClearView passenger door window that helps the driver see cyclists or pedestrians that may have positioned themselves down the nearside of the truck.

The Clearview panel also enables full use of the main passenger door window.

Cemex recently added 15 ClearView-fitted Dafs to its urban fleet.

Additional Clocs safety features include side under-run bars, nearside caution boards, Brigade Electronics side-scan system and a six-camera VUE system providing digital recording of any incidents.

The new Daf tipper is also fitted with Continental tyres featuring ContiPressureCheck to gauge excessive heat and loss of pressure.

Daf’s second vehicle on show will be a Daf Silent CF 6x2 rear steer in the livery of customer Martin Brower.

Silent mode enables the truck to meet the PIEK Quiet Truck 72 dB(A) noise level enabling unobtrusive night time and early morning deliveries.

Additional safety devices include a Maple 360 degree camera system, forward facing camera and nearside ultrasonic scan system.

The fifth CLocs progress event takes place on 23 March at London's ExCeL.