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A group of UK-based hauliers has agreed a bulk order with Scania UK for 2,500 trucks, which will be delivered over the next 12 months.

The order will be split across the Consortium Purchasing group, which includes Culina Group, WS Group, AW Jenkinson Group and its subsidiaries.

The deal includes 2,250 internal combustion engine trucks with a majority powered by the latest generation 13-litre SUPER drivetrain, while 150 trucks will be destined for Consortium’s German and Dutch operations.

The final 100 vehicles will be among the first Scania battery-electric regional-haul 4x2 tractor units to be used on the UK roads.

Each vehicle will be supported by three years full repair and maintenance contracts, with some trucks being financed through Scania Financial Services.

Christian Levin, Scania AB chief executive, said: “Scania has had a close and successful relationship with Culina Group, WS Group and A.W. Jenkinson Group for many years.

“This is a significant deal that marks a milestone on our continued journey towards sustainable transport.”

William Stobart, deputy CEO of Culina Group, said: “On behalf of the Consortium, we are very pleased to be able to renew our agreement.

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“It’s been a difficult time for OEMs with global supply issues, but Scania has worked closely with us over the past two years to minimise the impact for both parties. This is testament to the true partnership between the businesses.”

Chris Newitt, Scania UK managing director, added: "I would like to thank the Consortium Purchasing board for giving us the opportunity to continue our great relationship.

“It’s testament to the strength between the two organisations that we can make this announcement, but also, to those involved in making it possible over the many years that this deal is built upon.”

Vincente Connolly, Scania UK sales director, said: “I’m absolutely delighted to get a deal of this magnitude over the line, as it recognises the long-standing partnership, we have with Culina Group, WS Group and A.W. Jenkinson Group.

“An order of this nature showcases, not only, the quality of Scania’s products and aftersales service, but also the people who have and will make this deal a reality.”

This order is one of the largest European and battery-electric vehicle fulfilments to be completed over one calendar year by Scania and the vehicles will be delivered to the Consortium Purchasing group in batches of 500 vehicles per quarter.