North Devon Council has taken on 16 new diesel-powered recycling bin wagons via its workshop partner Specialist Fleet Services (SFS).

In September 2021, the council joined forces with Somerset West and Taunton Council in a procurement exercise and awarded a seven-year contract to SFS for the provision and management of over 200 vehicles.

It said the Romaquip Kerb-Sort vehicles were designed ergonomically to maximise the range and volume of materials that can be collected directly from people’s homes.

There are seven fully enclosed compartments, to eliminate the risk of litter and to enable all categories of material to be stored separately.

Councillor Ian Roome, leader of North Devon Council, said: “The arrival of our new fleet marks a significant step in our commitment to sustainability.

“These vehicles enhance our recycling efforts, ensuring a more efficient and eco-friendly collection process for the benefit of our community and the environment.”

Bob Sweetland, SFS MD, added: “We are pleased to be able to provide North Devon Council with this fleet of vehicles, which will help to maximise the amount of recycling that is collected, in an efficient and safe way.”