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The majority of online shoppers are unwilling to pay extra for premium parcel delivery, despite demanding greater choice and flexibility, a Hermes survey has revealed.

The carrier has stressed the importance of offering a variety of delivery options, after a survey of 1,000 e-retail customers, commissioned by Hermes, found that many did not want to pay extra to cover the additional cost of evening deliveries, despite wanting access to parcels in the evening.

Hermes sales and marketing director Gary Winter said: “There’s this expectation for service but it’s not backed up by a willingness to pay.”

Based on results which revealed that half of consumers were unhappy to pick up from a depot if a delivery was made while they were out, the carrier believes that parcel shops will become more appealing as consumers demand evening deliveries.

Chief executive Carole Woodhead said: “The delivery expectations of the consumer are higher than ever and the findings of the survey underline the importance for carriers and retailers to work together to develop highly flexible, responsive and efficient solutions that meet the needs of the internet shopper.”

Winter added: “People won’t be satisfied if the only option is delivery to home.”

Woodhead revealed that although Hermes did consider making evening deliveries, the firm stepped back from the idea as with a 95% delivery success rate, there were not many problems evening deliveries would solve.

It has instead opened 1,000 parcel shops which give customers access to their parcels in the evening.

Last month Hermes won a contract to provide home delivery and returns for John Lewis for parcels under 15kg.