Commercial vehicles have “a very big role” to play in reducing road transport carbon emissions in the future, according to the head of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LCVP).

Speaking to Motortransport.co.uk after an event this week (29 January) marking the tenth anniversary of the public-private partnership, LCVP MD Andy Eastlake  said both  light and heavy commercial vehicles would play their parts in cutting emissions.

To his end, LCVP is currently working on the development of a strategy to encourage the use of gas-powered trucks; as well as looking to establish an independent certification scheme for systems and technologies  that can help cut emissions,  such as low-rolling-resistance tyres. It is also examining the potential of very low carbon vehicles, including electric trucks and hybrids.

LCVP is also looking into new ways to measure emissions as “the introduction of new transport fuels like electricity and biofuels means we will no longer be able to rely solely on measures of emissions at the vehicle tailpipe to assess our true progress in tackling climate change".

In the long term the ambition is to establish a way of recording the full emissions life-cycle covering  production, distribution and disposal of  fuels and vehicles.