Dairy producer Arla Foods has unveiled a new dual-purpose trailer to help eliminate empty running.

The combination unit, constructed by Gray & Adams and Crossland Tankers, features a 19,000 litre milk tank with a refrigerated area above that can accommodate 85 milk cages or 22 pallets.

The 12.2m long trailer, which Arla is using to deliver finished product from its Stourton transport hub to stores and regional DCs and collect raw milk from farms on the way back, is around 30cm taller than a conventional reefer trailer.

It also incorporates low-profile running gear as well as a lowered, step-frame section on the bottom deck. It is expected to cover around 160,000km a year.

The concept is still being evaluated but Arla has revealed that it wants to put 30 combination trailers onto UK roads by the end of next year and says it is “sufficiently confident” in the benefits to be progressing with orders for further trailers from the same two suppliers already.

“The new trailer is just one of many solutions we are delivering to ensure our carbon output and costs are as low as possible,” said Arla vice-president of logistics, Paul Lloyd.