Co-op truck Image 1

Co-op is to install fuel security firm Tiss’s latest TankSafe Fuel Security and Safety device in its new vehicles.

The supermarket is thought to be one of the first UK businesses using the new Impregnable – HF device, which Tiss claims prevents any siphoning, skimming or spillage of fuel from HGVs.

Between May and September of this year, 106 new Co-op vehicles will be fitted with the device.

Jon Paul Brown, head of transport at Co-op, said using previous versions of the TankSafe Impregnable had demonstrated clear benefits, and that “it was clear fitment of the new upgraded HF device would deliver even better results”.

“We took the decision to fit the ‘Impregnable – HF’ to further enhance our vehicles' protection against fuel theft and to continue our focus on operating one of the safest, and most fuel efficient fleets in the UK,” he added.

Paul Cook, Tiss’s head of business development, said: “We have worked with the Co-op for over 10 years and have helped them optimise their fuel usage successfully using our state of the art technology.

“Rolling out the new ‘Impregnable-HF device across the fleet will continually ensure that all fuel from the pump will be used where it should be, which is by the vehicles, on the road.”