Will Shiers, editor of MT’s sister magazine Commercial Motor, has agreed to change his lifestyle and ignore his prejudices for one year, having reluctantly signed up for Transaid’s Cycle South Africa 2017.

Shiers, who said that his longest bike ride to date was a 2-mile round-trip to the local pub, will be covering more than 300 miles in five days up mountain passes and over dirt tracks in extreme temperatures.

“I’m absolutely dreading it,” admitted Shiers, who together with DHL driver and teammate David Cameron, hopes to raise £10,000 for this worthwhile cause.

“It’s going to be hell, but it will be worth all the effort as Transaid is a fantastic charity. I’ve witnessed first-hand some of the amazing work it does on the African continent, so know any money I raise will be put to good use,” he said.

Shiers added: “In return for your generous pledges, I’ll make three very important promises: I won’t undertake trucks; I won’t jump any red lights; and I won’t wear Lycra!”

You’ll be able to read all about his journey on the pages of Commercial Motor and Truck & Driver, and key corporate sponsors will have their logos printed on a special thank you advert in the magazine.

To make a donation please visit justgiving.com/commercialmotor.