While still far from clear, a picture of post-Brexit Britain is slowly emerging. Get the latest news with this free briefing from the FTA in association with Motor Transport.

Every road transport operator in the UK will be affected by Brexit, not just those doing international journeys.

Any delays clearing vehicles and loads at UK borders - especially with the Republic of Ireland - could have serious implications for the whole UK supply chain.

Limits on immigration could make recruitment of foreign drivers and warehouse staff harder when the UK leaves the EU on  March 29 2019, worsening the skills crisis.

The UK will be able to scrap the current EU cabotage rules that limit foreign trucks to three domestic trips within seven days of arriving in the UK - but will such a move affect UK trucks carrying out cabotage in the EU?

The UK government is using Brexit as an opportunity to review the HGV Road User Levy - but will that mean a new road pricing scheme in its place?

These and other questions were addressed in a webinar by Brexit expert James Hookham, deputy CEO of the FTA, which is now available to view on YouTube.