The Cartwright Group is using next month’s Freight in the City Expo to showcase a new urban semi-trailer, which enables unloading to take place directly onto a footpath from the side of the vehicle.

The 10m Streetwise features a patent-pending design that sees the trailer retain the ability to load from the rear at a conventional loading dock, yet allows the driver to unload directly to street level from side doors, too.

Street level unloading eliminates the need for a tail-lift, thereby making the process safer for the driver and pedestrians alike who would otherwise be exposed to a moving platform.

Cartwright said the Streetwise is ideal for any city centre multi-drop, multi-temperature, cross-pavement or street level deliveries.

It is suited to convenience stores, coffee shops, fast food outlets and even traditional pubs, where pavement-level side unloading will help reduce manual handling of kegs and crates.

Streetwise has the added advantage of satisfying Noise Abatement Society Piek requirements through use of both internal and external sound-deadening materials. It also features an all-electric refrigeration system, which makes it suited to early morning or late night deliveries in residential areas.

The trailer also features a 360-degree camera system and CycleEye radar and low-light camera system to enhance vulnerable road user safety.

RFID access control to the unloading doors improves security for high-value goods in the unattended trailer body, whilst speeding up the delivery process.

The Cartwright Group is sponsoring the seminar programme at Freight in the City next month at Alexandra Palace, and urges all stakeholders involved in delivery or receiving goods in city centres to come along and learn about the best practice already taking place across the industry.

“Innovative urban delivery solutions are needed across the UK and around the world, to help improve air quality, reduce congestion and to make our towns and cities safer for vulnerable road users,” said Lionel Curtis, technical director at The Cartwright Group.

“We hope that today’s seminar programme will inspire you to seize the opportunities presented and help you achieve the best-in-class standards that we all aspire to.”