Carrier Transicold is launching a telematics platform for its customers, claiming it will give them improved connectivity throughout the cold chain.

The company said Lynx Fleet will help reduce food loss, lower operational carbon footprints and improve efficiency.

The application provides information through a centralised data stream and improves visibility about products being transported for asset owners, producers, drivers and fleet managers.

Emmanuel Langevin, Carrier Transicold service director, said: “Helping to make faster, data-driven decisions will allow our customers to deliver a healthier, safer, and more sustainable cold chain.

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“Lynx Fleet unlocks the power of big data, which will be key to making our industry operate more efficiently and sustainably.”

The telematics platform also suggests proactive maintenance, which Carrier said would help operators maximise uptime and reduce unexpected repairs.

“It’s simply a fact that noise, CO2 and particulate emissions must be decreased in order to meet strengthening environmental regulations,” said Victor Calvo, Carrier Transicold president.

“These will move the industry away from traditional fossil fuels, towards different energy sources – and Carrier Transicold is at the forefront of this change.”